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For over 50 years we have been specializing in the production of drive units and subassemblies as well as various parts for heavy tracked vehicles. Thanks to the commitment, reliability, responsibility and high quality of our production and services, the company as a subcontractor is constantly increasing its participation in the implementation of new Technical Modernization Programs of the Polish Armed Forces.
We are the only Polish manufacturer of gearboxes and shock absorbers for undercarriages of tracked vehicles.

Our basic military products and services are:

  • Production of gearboxes with a power of 850KM to 1000KM for tracked vehicles

  • Production of Road wheels as well as power transmissions and running gear units (side and intermediate gears, hydraulic shock absorbers, support mechanisms, drives, valves, springs and parts and subassemblies) included in tracked combat vehicles such as:

    •  Tanks T-55, T-72, PT-91
    •  WZT-2, WZT-3, WZT-4 technical support vehicles
    •  MG-20 Bridge
    •  MID engineering and road machinery
  • Production of horizontal turret guidance mechanisms as well as tower lifting mechanisms for ROSOMAK Wheeled Armored Transporter

  • Production of side gears and elements for the K-9 suspension arms of the KRAB Self- Propelled Howitzer

  • Production of ZPG Head Lifting Units for POPRAD Self-propelled Anti-Aircraft Missile System

  • Production of Lifting Units for BYSTRA Radar Stations

  • Production of side gears and other elements and components of the landing gear for the New BORSUK Floating Infantry Fighting Vehicle

  • Extended Road Launcher Combat Teams

  • Repairs and modernization of the turret rotation gear for the LEOPARD 2PL tank

  • Production of drive mechanisms in lifting and circulation for the PSRA “PILICA” Anti-Aircraft Missile and Artillery System

  • Parts and subassemblies for the new BPL Unmanned Land Platform

  • Springs manufacturing for military products with a wire diameter of 0.2 to 5 mm.
  • Test stands for gearboxes, intermediate gears, distributors, shock absorbers, brake assemblies and other assemblies, including a test stand for side gears for the LEOPARD 2 tank

We provide comprehensive repair services for all manufactured units (maintenance, medium and main repairs) as well as other units connected with their modernization, and we produce subassemblies and spare parts for all military equipment offered by the company.

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