Measurement services

Our quality control team has a large set of measurement tools, including computer-controlled measuring machine, equipment for teeth measuring and the measuring chamber for tools checking. We also make specialized laboratory tests.
Measuring Chamber provides services to external customers. At the request of customers, the Management and Quality Control Department may attach to the measured elements printouts, summarizing checked dimensions.
We also offer services in the field of Metrological confirmation of control – measuring equipment.

Measuring Chamber has:

  • LH 1210 coordinate measuring machine by WENZEL company – measuring table made of natural granite with dimensions: X axis: 1200 mm, Y axis: 1600 mm, Z axis: 1000 mm, measuring accuracy 0.0026 mm + L / 350 mm;
  • TESA MICRO-HITE 900 height finder;
  • Mahr Perthen contourograph;
  • Mechanical involute meter
  • Spring characteristics measuring devices
  • Defectoscope (examination of microcracks with the electro-magnetic method)
  • MAHR roughness tester
  • We offer short lead times and low prices of the provided services.

    For more detailed information:

    Olgierd Buczek
    Quality Control Manager
    tel: +48 32 37-38-655; kom. 660–416-022
    fax: +48 32 271-37-42;
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