Mikulczyce - strona wwwZakład Mechaniczny “Bumar – Mikulczyce” S.A. specializes in production of transmissions for military and civil customers. Our products are used in the automotive, tooling and agricultural industries.

We employ 130 workers and we have specialized machinery park, precise machining centers and machine tools enable medium-and small-lot production, manufacturing of individual parts and prototype.

Company’s area: 67 496 m2
Plant’s area: 19 350 m2

Zakład Mechaniczny „BUMARMIKULCZYCE” S.A. ,
ul. Handlowa 2, 41 – 807 Zabrze, www.bumar-mikulczyce.pl
The District Court in Gliwice X Commercial Division of the National Court Register
KRS 0000126115,
share capital: 14.770.500,00 PLN
TAX: PL 6481000642