For civil clients, the company offers machining, assembly, testing and production of parts and assemblies mainly based on the customer’s documentation. The scope of the offered production and services includes full use of the machine park owned by ZMM “BUMAR-MIKULCZYCE” S.A.

Operates in such industries as:

  • energy – parts for reducers, gearmotors, drives and pumps

  • mining – brake sets for belt conveyors, gears, lifts, winches

  • machinery – parts for machines and machine tools, gears, shafts, cylinders

  • agricultural – processing of casings and other tractor parts

  • railway – bare wheels, fork brackets, steering pins, various types of bodies, axle boxes

  • shipbuilding – production of parts

  • heavy industry – parts for pumps, drainage systems, dosers, dust extraction systems

Basic products in the civilian assortment:

  • Gear casings
  • ZRHT brake assembly
  • Lifts
  • Hydraulic joints
  • Machine parts
  • Brake supports
  • Mechanical winches
  • Springs
  • Assembly services
  • Machining services
  • Elements of the braking and suspension system
  • Toothed gears, their repairs and modernization
  • Shafts, gears, cylinders

Machine park provides us with the ability to perform the following work::

  • cutting the bars and forgings

  • turning of rotary surface

  • milling of flat surfaces

  • grinding of flat and rotary, internal and external

  • honing of holes

  • chiseling of grooves

  • chiseling of internal teeth

  • milling and grinding of straight and helical teeth of cylindrical wheels

  • machining of casings with complex shapes

  • machining on numerically controlled and conventional lathes

  • drilling, reaming and threading

  • cutting metal profiles on band saws

  • Lapping planes on 4K70 mechanical lapping machines

  • Burning, coiling, welding, soldering

  • services on hydraulic presses

  • disassembly and assembly services, repairs of various drive units

All units and parts manufactured and repaired by ZMM “BUMAR-MIKULCZYCE” S.A. are subject to control and testing processes using tools, measuring devices or special test stands.

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